Accommodation near several wineries


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My husband an I are doing a trip quick to the region, and are looking for a place to stay that is near a couple of wineries, where we could possibly visit them in a one day trip. We are open to the Chianti area, or Montepulciano Any suggestions? Thanks!


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Ciao evb,

Are you coming over the next few weeks? You'll find both areas in spectacular change, as the vines change colors and lose their leaves. Where is your base? Will you have your own car? That will make a difference in how far you go... but since you might also not want to drink and drive (at least one won't), you could also consider joining in on a wine tasting tour and enjoying the wine as well as the drives or doing some that are possible to reach with bus (but with limited time doesn't make much sense as you waste too much between schedules).

For Chianti wineries, take a look at some of the recommendations we give here:
Without a car, these are our suggestions:

In the Montepulciano area, take a look at these:

If you want to join in a tour, check out these: tasting tuscany
Do more specific searches for your base, for example for tours that depart only from Florence or Siena.