Accommodation with roof terrace (with a lift) in historic part of town

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I'm planning a 1 week holiday to Tuscany with my husband (who has a prosthetic leg) and my 80 yr old parents who aren't too good with lots of stairs. We were thinking sometime in Sept or Oct. None of us have ever been to Tuscany before so we were all hoping to be in the "picture book historic town" - but are completely flexible as to exactly where.

General requirements would be a 2 bedroomed apartment in the "historic" part of town, a roof terrace - so we could sit outside and eat "al fresco" if we chose not to go out for dinner - but with a lift so that my husband and parents aren't having to climb stairs all the time.

Flexible as to which town or which week in Sept or Oct!

It's been very difficult and time consuming to try to filter on the type of accommodation - rather than towns or dates...then try to find just what I'm looking for.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


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Florence, Siena are perfect but so is the Tuscan countryside!

Ciao Vicky!

It should be very exciting to start planning your first trip to Tuscany! We're happy to offer suggestions, so if whatever I say then brings up more questions, feel free to post them :)

First of all - will you or are you open to renting a car to get yourselves around? Because a stay in Florence would fit in perfectly with the picture book historical town (the center is small and overall it isn't a large city) if you don't want to drive. Another perfect location would be Siena. We've stayed in the historical center and it definitely retains the feel of a village, despite it being more than that. It retains a bit more quiet than Florence and has a different feel, more medieval than Renaissance.

But if you're actually thinking of renting a car, then there are many more possibilities as the small hilltop villages in the countryside are then an option as well. I'd love staying in Radda in Chianti for example.... or in Castellina in Chianti. Both offer dining, great views and easy parking ;-).

If you stay in the countryside, you'll have the outdoor space without a problem, as well as resolved the problem of lifts/stairs since so many of the apartments are in villas or farm houses and those at the very most have 2 levels, so it would be easy to get a ground floor apartment.
Just to give you an idea, take a look at these places and the apartments:

OK these are just to give you an idea of what is out there.... but the most important thing is to determine whether you'd feel like driving here or not, because it will then influence where you stay.
Give me an idea of what you're planning so that I might offer additional suggestions!

Vicky Belton

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Thank you so much for replying.

We had thought about hiring a car, for some, if not all of the trip.....but still wanted the accommodation to be within walking distance of bars/restaurants - so in the evening, if we chose not to eat in the villa - we could walk out (instead of me driving the car - meaning I couldn't sample the local wines etc!!!). I was then trying to find out if taxi's are readily available....but again didn't want to presume that they would be in a rural type area.
The last suggested accommodation mentions restaurants that would be the sort of thing I'm looking for.
Again....thanks for your help.


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villa with its own restaurant or in the small town

Some of the really small rural villages do lack taxi service, some actually do have a taxi (as in just 1) which just needs to be called upon need. Because of this, it is really hard to know where they exist -- the owners of the properties are the best source of this type of knowledge. The Santa Maria residence is really close to the town but many villas are actually a few kilometers outside of them, which make even walking there a bit difficult. The best solution would then be to stay within the town. Highly recommend the Santa Maria residence for its hospitality, so definitely look into that one... write to them and ask whether they are walking distance because everything is close by when one considers a car, not necessarily thinking of doing it on foot.
Another good option would be Palazzo Malaspina since it is within the village - - ask Maria about staying in the apartment rather than in the B&B.
Other very good options would be to stay at villas in the countryside that have their own restaurant, for those times you are there and want to not head out.... they are also just a few km from the nearest town, so you have options.


I would recommend staying in the Chianti region and it is ideally situated for lits of exploring the region, with lots of choice for day trips.

Septemeber is a great time to visit as the weather is still warm and there are less people around.

The first villa I included is within walking distance to town, I have also included the main link to the website for you to have a look at.

We used the company when we stayed in Florence and they had great apartments in the city and think their villas will be to the same high standard.

Let me know what you think,

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