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My wife and I will be renting a car in Rome and driving toward Florence on the 26th of May, 2019. We would like to stay in a town South of (but close to) Florence that has a train station where we can catch the train to Florence. Any suggestions'?

Question 2. We are looking for a realtor in the area that specializes in renting Villa's. We're looking to rent a Villa for the month of May 2021. I realize that its two years away, but we're having my wife's retirement party and inviting family and friends from all over to come stay with us for a week. We'll end up having four groups coming in for a seven day visits. We're guessing we'll need a 7-8 bedroom place. We have looked up the renting of Villa's by owners, and hope to be able to visit a couple of places on this trip. We'll be in the area until May 31, when we head back to Rome for a wedding on June 1st. After the wedding, we're driving back to Northern Italy by car to see the country side. We return Stateside on June 17th.

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1. You can stay in any town between Empoli and Florence -- such as Ginestra Fiorentina, Lastra a Signa or even further in San Miniato. These are along the train line to Florence.
Otherwise to the east of Florence - in Pontassieve for example.

2. You should try to set up visits directly with the owners and see if you can check them out while you're here.
Some suggestions:
Villa Piaggia
Villa di Ulignano

You can find links on this page:

If you want to find someone local, as you say, a sort of realtor for rentals, you can contact Corso at Pitcher & Flaccomio:
they have luxury properties for sale as well as RENTAL so contact them to see what they have. Their site does not reflect all the properties they have.


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Thank you Lourdes. We'll check out the information you provided - very helpful. We're leaving San Diego on Saturday May 25th, and will be traveling throughout Northern Italy until 6/17. Great web site!


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Close to Florence


You could also look at staying near a town called Grassina (it is a 25 min local bus ride number 31 - cost is less than 2Euro each way) - and you could check into the accommodations nearby:

I used to live in Strada and catch the bus into the city for work every day. There is convenient free parking and it runs regularly even (about every 20 minutes) even till the early evening. It will leave you either in Piazza Beccaria or Piazza San Marco - both are convenient entry points into the city.

As for a place to check out on your event in 2021, you might also want to look at Tenuta San Vito, it may also interest you to read our review on the accommodations. I like this because it has a restaurant on the property and a vineyard - so with friends and family coming over, there are things to do within walking distance of the accommodations.

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