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We are a company from Germany which is looking for a venue for an offsite trip.

we are around 90 people, and we would like a place that could host meeting and gatherings.

please reach out to me if you have any tips for venues and accommodation.


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Ciao Murillo,

Do you wish to be in the countryside or in the city? All single rooms, some double rooms or even shared apartments? This last one because there are some estates that have several villas, all divided up into apartments, but that could host your large group and maybe you would have the estate to yourself. That is, if some guests would be willing to share apartments, generally the rooms within still have their own bathrooms.

You also don't say WHEN/what period of the year this conference is set for, so not sure whether you want a place in summer and would welcome pools or being near the coast, or closer to the city in the fall. Also, do you have a budget (or not) and therefore are looking for places that are not too high end/luxurious?

Ok, so here are a few general options that cover some of the types you might find that can host minimum 90 people that way you can take a look and evaluate what you might prefer and get a better idea of what you'd like.

City hotels:
Hotel de la Ville - on Florence's high-end shopping street, with many boutiques nearby, right smack in the historical center -
Hotel Athena - in Siena, right by the historical walls, easy walking distance to center of the city -
St. Regis - this is high-end, you also didn't specify the sort of lodging you're interested in, so maybe this will work -


Poggio all'Agnello - hosts way over 200, all in apartments, many studio apartments, close to the coast -
Borgo della Meliana - hosts up to 100, in apartments, in Chianti -

At this point I hope these are a start for your search. As you take a look at all of them, develop a better idea of what you're looking for, you can let me know and I can offer more recommendations that meet your criteria.



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Hi all,

We are also looking for accommodation in Tuscany for a large group. As I understand it's better to keep posts concentrated I will react to this post with our preferences, and maybe also Murilo could benefit. Our specifics/preferences are:

- group of around 100 adults from The Netherlands (about 50 full week, 50 long weekend)
- week of 20 - 27 May 2023
- preferably around 10 villas of 10 p. close to eachother, with double rooms/apartments and some shared utilities such as pool etc., but one big villa is also okay
- countryside is fine, but approximity to city/airport/beach would be nice
- pool(s) prefered, as well as other activities/utilities on sight such as large barbecue/terras/jeu de boules/tennis court/other sports courts
- nothing too fancy (it's a get together of friends, not a business trip or a wedding)

I've tried to reach out to (inter alia) Borgo della Meliana, which looks quite suitable for our group, but haven't heard back from them. Thanks in advance for your help Lourdes (and others maybe).

Best regards,



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Ciao Friso,

Borgo della Meliana would be a great place as they are quite big, send another direct message if you can and see if you get a reply. Also don't hesitate to call, would be better to get a reply on whether the property is already booked partially for that week in May so you can know you can look elsewhere.

Poggio all'Agnello is also pretty great, we were just there about 2 weeks ago and the 3 pools there are awesome!

Another one you might want to consider is Borgo di Pietrafitta - - they have 8 rooms and 15 apartments of various sizes so might be able to accommodate your group, depending on those 50 who might not be there the entire week.

We've also stayed at Borgo Scopeto Relais - - and it is big enough for your group, so I'd suggest contacting them as well to see if they have availability.

Let me know if you want more suggestions and I'll keep looking! It isn't easy to find places large enough that aren't super luxurious - otherwise I'd suggest to look into Il Borro or Castelfalfi. I know il Borro can host up to 105 people, but not sure about Castelfalfi as they have rooms, villas and apartments so not sure what the total is. You would have to contact them to find out whether they actually have the number of beds you need.