Accomodation without reservation


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We'r planning a trip to Tuscany in mid May, travelling by bike. We havent really planned where we want to go.
Is it necessary to make reservation in advance or is it possible to find housing "on the go", for example hostel, B&B etc (not expensive hotels)



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travelling in May means that many B&B's and room rentals have already started to open up. Though they don't ever officially close, many places located more in the countryside are not always ready to receive "unexpected" guests during the winter. In addition, in May you may find that some places are more prepared for weekend guests and not necessarily organized yet for the week day stays.

However, not all places like the impromtu arrivals - where as a hotel is more prepared to deal with these events.

My suggest is if you find in you planning of the itinerary a B&B that you really like, contact them and ask if they are OK with no reservations and find out if they will be open in that period.

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