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We are traveling to Florence from Rome via train, renting a car and then departing via train to Venice for a day before we return to the States. We would like to set up a base near Florence so we can make day trips to Chianti and Siena. We aren't looking for the "romantic/hidden gem" location plus we like to be within walking or close driving distance to have a glass of wine before turning in for the night. What neighborhoods should we be looking at that are close enough for day trips especially wine tasting? Anyone have any other tips?


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A glass of wine


Why don't you start your search by looking at some of the places on this list of vineyards just outside of Florence? One of my favorites on the list is Tenuta San Vito, located in the countryside of Florence it actually has an onsite restaurant and they produce their own wines!!

Another place within walking distance of Greve in Chianti is Viticcio, and this too is a great (award winning) vineyard.

Check out this list of accommodations on or near a vineyard just outside of Florence:

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Another good option could be Villa Medicea di Lilliano, very close to Florence with bus stop about a km down the hill - but they do wine tastings and winery visits on site so you don't have to go far ;)