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We booked a trip to Florence and Pisa Shore Excursion from Livorno from Trip advisor. It was confirmed and I received email for the tour operator. It said we must book tickets in advance if we want to see the Michelangelo David and Stop at country side to taste wines and local produce. The tickets were not included and must be booked in advance. Where do we purchase these tickets????


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Is it a private tour or a group tour?
is it this one: ?

I ask just that you check carefully what your voucher says and if the tickets were not included, whether the tour agency can book them directly for you (your voucher should have the details on the travel agency that organizes the tour).

Just want to avoid you buying tickets at times that don't work with the tour -- and as far as wine tasting/winery stops, those should be included in the timetable of the tour so you should not definitely have to worry about that part.