Advice for Elba - taking the car ferry from Bastia (Corsica)


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We are talking the car ferry from Bastia (Corsica) to Elba for the day. Arrive in Portoferraio 08:30, leave 20:30. Any advice for how to spend the day?

I love mountains / sea / sightseeing so I had planned to drive from Portoferraio to Marciana Marina -> Marciano, then around the peninsula past Chiessi to Marina del Campo, then on to Capoliveri, Porto Azzurro, Rio Marina, Cavo, Rio nell'Elba and back to Portoferraio. I may have too much here??

Lunch along the way somewhere, dinner in Portoferriao- any recommendations?


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You might find some helpful information on driving around Elba at this link:

Do keep in mind that it is a small island and just a few cars can make travelling slow. Plan to be near the port early. Having said that, I would opt for a hearty lunch and then pick up something to eat on your way back in the car or boat. Most restaurants don't open until 7:30 or 8 pm and you will most probably need to be in line for the ferry before that time!

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