Advice for First trip to Italy


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My husband and I are traveling to Italy for our FIRST visit in September (2nd-18th). Flying into Venice 9/2/15, and out of Rome 9/18/15, staying 2 nights in a hotel in Venice, heading to Florence where we rented an apartment (Airbnb) for 3 nights. This is where our plans end--we want to stay in a Tuscany Villa or ?? (with kitchen) for 4-5 nights. We love biking, walking, eating, drinking wine and some shopping, along with the usual museums, etc.
We were then considering a trip to Amalfi Coast, but may reconsider and head north to Rapallo area and do Portofino and Cinque Terra then end in Rome for 2-3 days where we will fly home. ANY suggestions VERY MUCH appreciated.
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Tuscany with a Kitchen


September is LOVELY time to visit Tuscany, the weather is generally still warm but the nights start to be cool and refreshing. Hanging out for a couple days at a villa in Tuscany in this period will be great.

If you are staying in the city center of Florence, then when you go into the countryside you may want to consider an area like Val d'Orcia - for example: is quite nice.

Or you can look at the area between Pisa and San Gimignano:

Personaly, I am partial to Portofino and Cinque Terre. I would suggest that you do Florence, then train it over to Cinque Terre and take your final days in a place in the Tuscany countryside before heading back to Rome and your flight home. That way you are relaxed the last days, you can enjoy the landscape and the culture without feeling like you have to go-go-go.

Buon Viaggio.