Advice needed on hotels around Ambra


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Hi there,

I am in the process of booking my wedding in Siena next June (very excited!) and need some advice on accomodation. I have booked a villa for my family to stay in near Ambra - 7km from Ambra and 2-3km from Montebenici so I know the general area. I need to book hotel accomodation for a few friends - max 3 couples, 1 with a small child.

Does anyone have any advice on hotels in the area? I would like them to be as close as possible. I know about the Hotel Castelletto in Montebenici but it is not child friendly, and is far too expensive at 200-300E a night.

Any help really appreciated




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Accomodation around Ambra

Dear Emma,

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding :)! Seems the planning is going well.

There aren't many hotels in the immediate vicinity that match your needs (child friendly), so I'd like to offer the real possibility of staying at a farmhouse nearby.

A farmhouse is generally located in the countryside outside of the city center but I imagine most of your guests will have their own means of transportation so that it won't be a problem. Farmhouses generally either offer rooms or fully equipped apartments (different sizes), many have swimming pools (nice plus in June!) and other outdoor facilities. Breakfast is not necessaraly included, it depends on whether they offer b&b rates or self-service apartments.

Below a few suggestions for your friends in the area near Ambra and Montebenichi.

Farmhouse B&B Villa di Sotto -
Is located in Villa a Sesta, 13 km from Montebenichi and about 20km from Ambra. It offers both rooms and small apartments at good prices (around €80-100 per night per room). Villa di Sotto is a children friendly accomodation.

Farmhouse Il Cipresso
Is located in Gavignano, 2 km from Ambra and about 12 km from Montebienichi.
It offers 4 apartments at reasonable prices (around €120 per apartment per night mid-season).
It's children friendly and has a playground area.

Farmhouse Incrociata
Is located in Pietraviva, 4 km from Ambra and about 7 Km from Montebenichi. It offers 6 small apartments and 2 independent houses at good rates (around €60-80 per night per apartment).
It has a children's playground.

Farmhouse B&B Borgo San Martino
Is located in San Martino-Pietraviva, about 3 Km from Ambra and 9 Km from Montebenichi. It offers both apartments and rooms at reasonable prices (€90 per night per room and around €100-150 per night per apartment).
It is a children friendly accomodation.

I made a map for you, so that you can have a clearer image about the farmhouses' position.Click here.

Just a quick note about Tuscan Farmhouses in general: most rent by the week rather than by the day but if your guests are coming from afar for your wedding, it is likely they'll combine a vacation in Tuscany as well? So it might be convenient to rent for the week?
I think staying at a farmhouse could be a nice choice for your guests since they'll get a chance to "taste" the Tuscan life style.

I hope these suggestions will help you in your search! Let me know if you'd like help in searching for a few more if these aren't what you're looking for.



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Hi Valentina,

Thank you so much for taking so much time and effort - it is really helpful. The farmhouses sound like a good idea. I will check out travel plans with my guests and get booking. In terms of locations we will have cars, so they would all work well.

Thanks again, this is brilliant

Emma :)