Advice on a decent Villa in/near Florence


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Hi there,

I am travelling to Florence for a wedding in July and have been tasked with trying to find a Villa for around 7 to 10 people as close to Florence as possible.

What makes things more complicated is that we are a mixture of couples, singles and friends i.e we need a few double rooms, a few single rooms and a few twin rooms in a villa.

Apart from that we just need a pool and a pleasant location within 10 to 15km of Florence but the nearer the better.

We would like to keep the cost to a minimum so luxury is not essential although a decent mix of quality and affordability may just be the right mix.

I spent 4 hours online last night and got a big headache as there are so many properties around it confused my mind but as we have such a varied group, can anyone recommend a villa that has a selection of different types of room as previously mentioned that can sleep 7 to 10 people ideally trying to avoid sofa beds in living rooms although not ruling them out completely.

Many thanks



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Ciao Rob,

You're right, there are so many choices out there it is easy to get lost. Some offer the entire villa for rent, others are divided up into apartments, others are more hotels or B&Bs.

It is likely you would likely be flexible as to where you'd like to stay but because of the mix of villas available as I pointed out above, I'd like to better understand whether you want to find a villa that your group has all to yourselves? or a villa divided into apartments where you might take up 2-3 apartments is fine, knowing the pool is shared with the other apartments? or would a hotel in a villa would be ok? If we know your expectations better, we can guide you better in what to look into as well as provide suggestions.

Also, will you be renting a car? Or planning on using public transport (trains)?

If you give us more info, we'll try to offer some help in searching through all the possibilities out there!