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Hi, We will be arriving in Florence S.M.N. by train on a Tuesday early afternoon. After dropping luggage at our hotel (which is 1/2 block from the station), we are going to wander around the Duomo area, and then have reserved entrance/tickets for the Accademia at 15:00. Will be returning to our hotel to formally check in our room around 17:00. At around 19:00, we want to try a restaurant a friend recommended in the Oltrarno area. The restaurant is in between the Pitti Palace and Piazza San Spirito. After dinner, we want to go the Piazzale Michaelangelo around sunset, before returning to hotel.

My question is this.....We will be walking most places in Florence, but will be really tired that first evening. Could you tell me bus route(s) we could use just for the evening part (hotel/train station, to the Oltrarno restaurant, then later to Piazzale M., and back to hotel. If this is too complicated, we could also take a taxi for all or part of it, but would prefer not to spend the taxi fare if not necessary. Thanks so much!


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Ciao Debra,

I really don't think you're trying to do too much on your first day, you can walk all of it.
The only thing that is a little off is that you want to go to Piazzale Michelangelo after dinner to see the sunset.... by the time you're done with dinner and walk up to the Piazzale, it will be dark. You'll enjoy a beautiful view of Florence at night, I highly recommend it as all of the monuments are lit up!!
At that point you can decide whether to walk back down to your hotel or catch a taxi - walk towards the bar/gelato shops on the right side of the piazza (with the view at your back) and there is a taxi "stand" there where taxis park and you can grab one back down, if you're tired.... if instead you prefer the bus, right at the middle of the piazza you can grab bus 13 - or 12, but 13 is shorter distance - they both go back down and eventually stop at the SMN train station.


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Outside Florence

We will be in Florence for 3 days and would like to explore outside of Florence. Ideally we would like to visit villages or villas where we can learn about and enjoy olive oils and wine. We can rent a car if necessary.
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Waling Florence


I have always found Florence to be very walk-able and I agree with Lourdes that your day is not too packed. Have you checked to see if the restaurant is open that day and at what time they start serving dinner? Each restaurant has one day a week that they close and it can vary from restaurant to restaurant. You may want to ask you hotel to give them a buzz when you check in.

Walking down from Piazza Michelangelo will definitely be more fun then walking up after dinner ... maybe you could check out a taxi to take you up to the Piazza - then get a gelato like Lourdes suggested and make your way back to the hotel - soaking up the sites. I especially love walking along the Arno with all the lights reflecting in the water and strolling through the courtyard in front of the Ufizzi where the street musicians play.... very romantic.

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