Advice on finding a rental which has farm animals


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We are looking for a Tuscany farm house rental for next summer. We have looked at hundreds of online listings and can't find one which is exactly what we want. It seems easy to find a villa/house which is in the country surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, but we also want to be on a property which has farm animals. We have children and are 'city people' and our children love being around farm animals.

Is it safe to say that ALL of the country properties which are working vineyards or olive groves also have farm animals? It seems that none of them list that as one of the features of the property.

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Not every working farm has animals

Hello Cypress,

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I fully support your idea: spend some days in a working farm with animals could be a great experience for your children.

Unfortunately not all working farms or country properties have animals, which obviously need many cares.

Besides of this, I suppose that this kind of info might not be displayed on online listings and I suggest you to contact directly the property owners to verify the presence/absence of farm animals.

I've found these properties around Florence and Siena from which you can start your research, if you want:

- Podere Le Cave - located in the Chianti area, has horses and offers horse back riding

- in the Mugello area (north of Florence), La Ripa Agriturismo and Agriturismo Palazzo Vecchio seem to have several farm animals

- in the Val d'Orcia Le Casine di Castello offers visits to the farm animals and other activities for children.