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Hey! I am a student, going to travel in Italy next month. Will use mainly public transport. Planned to stay in tuscany for couple of days.

Planning to stay at Florence for 3 nights and Sienna for 2 nights before heading down the south to Rome.

During my stay Florence, I plan to visit Pisa too. Is there any other cities I should visit or Florence itself is adequate?

During the stay in Siena, plan to visit San Gimignano.

Is staying at 2 different cities in short period suitable? or I should just stay in Florence and travel around the region. Please advice!

I have yet to book the accommodation. Please suggest some.

Thank you in advanced!


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cities in Tuscany


2 or 3 nights at each place is fine. I don't know of an easy way to get to san gimignano from either Florence or Siena- tourbuses go, but it is unlikely to be an authentic 'Tuscan experience'.
There are plenty of cheapish hostels in Florence, less so in Siena. Book a week ahead in high season.

Enjoy your trip!:)


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fine to have two bases in Tuscany as you move south

Ciao Minkatan,

Next month is already considered high season, so definitely start looking into places to stay at and book ahead of time. As a student you'll likely have a set budget but since you give no indications, start your search on Tuscany Accommodation to see what is available - lots of different types of lodgings - but if you don't find something suitable, come back on here and give us a few more details about what you're looking for so we can suggest something specific.

As you are headed south, it is a good idea to spend the first few days in Florence, do day trips from there, then move on to Siena. From there, you can head down to Rome through Chiusi without the need to come back north.

From Florence, the easiest day trips by train are Pisa and Lucca. You could head out to Pisa first, then from Pisa take the train to Lucca and return to Florence at the end of the day. Pisa is mostly a university town, pretty quiet and most of the sights are in Piazza dei Miracoli around the Leaning tower... but take the time to walk there from the station and see the center and along the Arno river to see a bit more.

Siena merits a full day, on your second you can get to San Gimignano by taking the train to Poggibonsi and then from there catch the regular bus to San Gimignano.

Have fun :) - and do let us know if you need more specific suggestions for accommodation!