Agriturismo specializing in olives and olive oil.


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My wife and I are bringing our three kids to Tuscany next July for 3 nights. My wife and daughters love olives and cooking so I am looking for the best agriturismo that would have classes for cooking and making olive oil or near a farm with great olive oil. I know it won’t be the time of harvest.


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An excellent place which is truly family friendly is Fattoria Pagnana roughly 15km from Florence. See -

I am not sure about cooking courses but you can ask. The do make an exceptional olive oil but as you say it is not harvest time. However, they do have on the property the traditional equipment for producing olive oil so they could explain the process. Today the production of olive oil requires more modern equipment which does not give the sense of the tradition. If you time your visit to include Monday the do offer a free tour of the cellars which includes an explanation of the wine making process followed by a wine tasting with excellent choice of side dishes.
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Olive oil & Cooking


Almost everyone who makes wines also has a bit of olive oil on the side. Not all of them make "a lot" of olive oil but it is enough to give you an idea of how the harvest and pressing work - if you browse through this link you will find several that would be great options

This list is a list of places that offer special cooking classes, many of which will also be flagged on the link above:

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise