Airport to my hotel - advice sought


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First time visit for four, non-Italian speaking souls and their 5 pieces of luggage, and our first adventure will be getting from the airport to Hotel Orto de Medici, Via S. Gallo, 30, 50129

Do I need to reserve one in advance?
Cost. I know there is the 22-euro flat rate plus luggage and perhaps other flat fees. I have read conflicting information, or misunderstood information, that it is a flat rate regardless of time spent due to traffic but other sites have said there is additional charge for time spent, upwards of 90-euro estimate. Is it flat rate regardless or extra charges for time?

One taxi site says: "From Vespucci airport to hotels in the central area of ​​the city". Is my hotel in the central area of the city? Is there a map showing this central area? If the hotel is not in the central area, does the 22-euro flat rate still apply?

There are various options - T2 line to various points then a bus, or one Bus or another from the airport to a transfer spot to another bus to get to the hotel. Are these different systems so I need to buy multiple tickets, one per each system?

For example, Google maps!2d43.778804!2m3!6e0!7e2!8j1577718060!3e3!5i1 shows one option as T2 line to transfer to 17

Is the 17 a different company so I need to buy separate tickets? Do I buy on the 17 or pre-pay at the airport?

My credit card does not have the contactless payment chip. Am I able to charge conventionally on all buses or do I need to buy tickets at a kiosk? My smartphone does have the contactless capability. Will that work in place of a contactless card?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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to start with your hotel is (Hotel Orto de Medici, Via S. Gallo, 30, 50129) is definitely in the city center.

Tickets on public transport (ATAF buses and Trams) last for 90 minutes - even if you change from a bus to a tram. (see this official ink for more details: )

The T2 Vespucci line connects SMN Station with Vespucci airport in just 20 minutes.

Great link shows you where to find the tram:

Though "contact" cards are great, the machines where you can buy tickets also allow you to insert the card and purchase. They ask you to select a language and then give you details. You can buy up to 5 tickets with one credit card transaction, simply choose the number of persons once you have inserted the card. I will be honest, I am not 100% sure - but before leaving the airport, you check to see if the newspaper stand inside the airport sells tickets to the tram.

You can't reserve a taxi but you can reserve an NCC (driver with a car) to pick you up. One taxi may not be enough for 5 persons and luggage :eek: (check prices with a WhatsApp message - they both speak english: Simone - +39 334 7053211 or Beppe - +39 392 1400056)

Taxi are available, with a line at the airport - and they come in all kinds of sizes, but for a larger vehicle, you may need to wait an extra few minutes.

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