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Hi Lourdes,
My question is whether the express lines at Uffizi and Academy/David are the same whether you have the Firenze card or the Amici Degli Uffizi Card. Also, if you have either of these cards, is it possible or is there any advantage to reserving a specific day and time slot?

I loved your article "Should you buy a Firenze Card" and your 3-day Florence Itinerary. I am traveling to Florence in late April with my 26 year old daughter and we will be there for 2-1/2 days . We're staying a couple blocks from the Boboli Gardens so we'll probably spend the first afternoon around the Palazzo Pitti museums. We don't want to burn out on too many museums but want to see the major ones. The Firenze card is very comprehensive but more expensive. I am thinking of purchasing the family Amici Degli Uffizi Card for €100 instead of €144 for two Firenze cards. I don't see the Museo di Palazzo Vecchio on the Amici card and that's one of your "can't miss" sites on your itinerary but we can always pay for it separately and still be fine.

Thanks so much!!


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Ciao Normk,

Glad those articles were of help!

How many museums do you think you want to really visit during your time in Florence? Are you visiting other places before and after Florence? I just have to be honest and tell you that you can get museum "burnout" really quick in Italy and then start thinking they all look the same and all have the same art ;-)

So while I definitely think the Amici degli Uffizi card is a great deal for the both of you, consider that if you are really just planning to see Palazzo Pitti, Uffizi, Accademia, and maybe Palazzo Vecchio, add up the cost of each ticket for the first 3 and see if it comes out to less than 50 euro. Don't count Palazzo Vecchio as that would be extra in any case. If it close, you can always just get the card regardless - the card does let you skip main lines just like the Firenze Card. The only difference I think is at th Uffizi, where one goes in at Gate 1, the other at Gate 2 but both let you cut the line. Consider there are no lines generally at the Pitti museums, not at Palazzo Vecchio.

Let me know if you have any other questions, sometimes I write too much and not as clear as I could be ;-)


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Burn out

I have to agree with Lourdes about burn out. The Uffizi is stupendous. But there is simply so much there that after a couple of hours walking around, I left shell-shocked. However, I presume owing to the time of year, the bonus was that when I went yesterday, there was no queue to get in.


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There is SO much to see in Florence and definitely one of my favorite memories is roaming around Boboli gardens - especially around lunch time. You are almost completely isolated from the modern day sounds of buses, cars and horns honking ... and then at 12 noon you can hear all the city bells start to ring. It transported me to another time.

I know that the Ufizzi and The Academia are classic museums, however if you are just looking to enjoy the culture remember that Florence is rich with museums ... and some places that are as good as museums (the churches). You can also check out visiting a few of these whixh typically don't have lines such as

Bargello - really one of my faves, it has an incredible collection of statues and is located in a beautiful building.

Another is the Opera del Duomo, which will show you how the Duomo (Florence Catherdral was made)

Santa Croce

Santa Maria Novella

San Miniato: this one is another favorites, it is located above the panoramic terrace in Palazzo Michelangelo and has (in my opinion) even better views and the inside is just amazing.

and the Duomo itself are treasure troves.

You can do all of this without waiting in line - as well as Palazzo Pitti (which Lourdes mentioned above) normally has no line.

Buon Viaggio


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Agree with all of the extra added suggestions and tops above!

I really like the Museo del Opera del Duomo, but it is unfortunately closed at the moment (until Nov 2015). The new museum will be awesome, seeing the plans of the new museum recently. But at the end of April, you will miss it :(