Anniversary in Tuscany


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Good evening,
My wife and I will be fortunate to spend our anniversary in Tuscany this year and have a few questions. We are in our late 30s and taking our first long trip without the kids so a slow leisurely pace would be great for us. That being said we want to visit Vineyards and don't mind walking up steep hills. We arrive in Florence on the morning of June 27th and plan to spend the first 2 nights in Florence, then rent a car and head to Chianti for 2 nights. Right now we are booked at Villa Vignamaggio. Our plan was to then head to Val d'orcia for 2 more nights. We tried to book the Pietramonti Estate, but they were full. We are not set on any particular town in the area but Pienza looked like something we would enjoy. We would like to be able to walk to restaurants, as we will be drinking wine and don't want to drive at all after having any drinks. A walk from outside the town would be ok up to a few kms. On July 3rd we head back to Florence and fly out on the 4th. Does this look like a good itinerary or should be spend the 4 nights out of Florence in the same place and take day trips? Ive read a lot of reviews on where to stay, just wanted to check to see if you have any specific suggestions for us. Our budget is around $250 euros a night. Thank you for any suggestions.


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Romance in Pienza


Sounds like a very romantic and leisurely trip.

For a place to stay in Pienza you can check out, great views and in the heart of Pienza

You could also check out staying at Bagno Vignoni, it is a bit smaller than Pienza - but there are still several restaurants and it is a romantic little town. This is one of my favorite places.

Be sure to bring a swim suit and check out the thermal waters in the area. And leave a little room to visit the Abby of Sant Antimo

Buon Viaggio