Another Transport Question!

Stockport Karen

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I am planning to visit Tuscany in October for 8 days and hope to spend time visiting San Gimignamo,Volterra,Massa Maritima,Pienza, Montepulciano, in this order as I wish to take the train from Naples. I have 2 plans. Not sure which is the best use of time as we will be using train or bus

Plan A is to take public transport visiting the towns in turn as day trips using Florence or Sienna as a base.

Plan B Is to take a circular route,possibly visiting them in a different order,staying overnight.

I would be very grateful for your suggestions.

Also would travelling shorter distances by taxi be a solution? For example between Volterra and San Gimignamo and Pienza and Montepulciano?


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Ciao Karen,

Of all of the places you want to visit, San Gimignano is the easiest to get to with public transport from either Florence or Siena passing through Poggibonsi.

None of them are any train line so only way to visit is by car or bus... my recommendation would be to rent a car and that way you can visit all these places on your own time, without needing to follow a bus schedule. But if you really don't want to, then you'll have to organize your time really well to make sure to meet times carefully.... and plan 1 place for each day. In that case, Siena is your best base for everything because you're closer, in the same region as most of the destinations and thus bus service IS available.

You can use this site to check bus timetables:
or just check out ALL of the schedules on PDF form here:

As far as taxis go, they generally are an option as a last resort, emergency solution if you find yourself stranded without the bus. They are generally just a taxi service run by a local person upon being called - there are no taxi stands in the villages at all. If you go to the tourism office, they should have the phone number for someone that offers this service if you need them.