Antique/Flea Market in Tuscany

I'm visiting the Tuscany with my family from 14th - 22nd June.

We stay in village Chianni. I'd like to visit some antique markets around.

Where and when it takes place?

P.S. not typical question?does anyone know where I can buy an old window shuters?:)



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Ciao Kasia,

ALL antique/flea markets take place on the weekends, so you need to take a look at those taking place as soon as you arrive and when you are about to leave... you won't be finding any for during the week.

As for windor shutters, all companies that sell windows shutters take away the old ones they replace, they are likely the best place to contact to find out how to get access to them.

For the markets, this is a full list of the markets that take place in Tuscany in June -
you will be interested in the ones taking place on the 2nd and 3rd weekend of the month ("secondo" and "terzo" are the words you're interested in - some are on the whole weekend, others only on Sundays.
Old window shutters

Dear Lourdes,

thanks for your reply.

Is it possible to get 2 names of the "window" companies? Think, it's easier for you to find it in Italian than me :)

I''ll be grateful.



The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Some in the area, with one in Chianni itself:

Fattorini - Infissi
Via Roma, 44
56034 Chianni Pisa

Il Paraspiffero By Ermetica Inox Di Russo Cirino
Via del Commercio Sud, 57

All-Fer Di Ragoni Floriano
Via Volterrana, 4
Lajatico Pisa

The terms in italian are "serramenti" and "infissi" ;-) Infissi are for windows, while serramenti refers to locks/safety in general... anyways, these type of shops do the shutters, modern ones are in aluminum.