Any advise for 12 days trip...doable with public transport?


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I will in Tuscany on 3~15 Sep, flying in/out Florence. It'll be just me & my 2 year old daughter travelling. As she hated being restrained in a car seat & there will only be just us, i have decided not to rent any car but to use public transport instead.

So far I thinking of spending time in
Pisa & a seaside town nearby, Lucca (skip?),
Siena, San Gimignano (skip?),
Val d'Orica (Montalcino, Montepulciano and Pienza, add a visit an abbey?).
And last 2/3 days in Bologna (Modena/ Parma/ Reggio Emilia /Ferrara / Ravenna?)

Then have a slow relaxing last day (15 Sep) either in Florence or Bologna before heading to airport for the evening flight home.

For Val d'Orcia region, after reading up, it seems a day tour might be too short?

In addition, I planning to include a 2N stay in an agriturismo so that my girl gets to interact & have fun with farm animals or even try horse riding. Not sure which region would fit in well into the itinerary.

I know am squeezing in a lot for 12 days....but i get to travel this many days only once a year.

Appreciate any advise anyone can give. Thanks.


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Travelling with a two year old

Buongiorno -

I remember when I was travelling Tuscany with my 2-3 & 6 year old nieces/nephews, their favorite way to get around were the trains. So you might want to consider those locations where train travel is easy - Pisa and Lucca are both good for train travel. In fact Lucca gives you a great opportunity to do a bit of biking along the wall which would allow both of you to enjoy the scenery (from two different vantage points) maybe even a picnic outside before travelling again. For some water activity you could look into Livorno, the train will take you right to the coast.

Bologna is a very quick train ride as is Arezzo and both towns are filled will great historic scenery as well as very friendly for walking around with a toddler. Arezzo has a bit of a hill to the top but the park area is well worth it. In fact, you could hit Arezzo that Sat/Sun that you are there and enjoy the town as well as the Antiques fair.

As for Montepulciano or Montalcino maybe you should look into an organized tour which would probably maximize your time while assuring you of plenty of bathroom stops and rest stops.
Have a look here for some possibilities....though I will recognize most tours would make for a long day for a two yr old.

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