Anyone read Vasari's "The Lives of the Artists"?


In preparation for my return to Florence on 12 March !!! I'm taking a couple courses. There's focus on Vasari's biases/pov but I'm curious if anyone here has read his book and was it worthwhile?
It's even available on kindle!
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If you want to understand more about the Renaissance in Florence, "Le Vite" is a great book to unveil something unusual on the many masters and artists. Just remember is not a contemporary book, there are some legends you have to read just as... legends :)


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Riccardo, you are so right! The more I learn about Visari the more I understand how his powerful book was a tool to carry our his personal vendettas. Perhaps this is true of most writers.

But since I first posted my question, I am reading selectively on artists I am especially interested in. And who knows what the real truth is in history.

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You should be here now, Susanne, how long will you be here for?
I also have read selectively on particular artists, it isn't easy to read (at least not in Italian) and always with a bit of skepticism as many things written have been shown to have been his personal points of view with no actual research/truth.


Hi Lourdes,
How amazing you would remember my dates! yes I'm here in Florence, arrived very late on the 12th. (I now have a flight from hell story about Vueling )

Spent hours yesterday in your NEW Opera del Duomo museum, which is MAGNIFICENT! I have been going to this museum since the 1960's and this New restoration is so fabulous! I learned so much and bits I've never understood before fell into place with the big recreation of the original facade. And the videos are excellent as is the room with all the fragments...seeing the inlaid marble up close is incredible.

So at this point, I am over the top thrilled to be here! If anyone else wants to meet for coffee I would love to do that as well.