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Me and my girlfriend are coming this summer to Firenze to study the Italian language.

We are looking for an apartment or a room with air conditioning and internet (and everything else) in the city centre for one month stay. We would appreciate if there was a parking spot because we might be coming by car.

We are arriving approximately on July 23 and leaving on August 23.

Please let me know about your rates for this period and what you can offer.

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Predrag Stanojevic


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accommodation in July and August

Ciao Predrag,

July and August in Florence are really warm weather months and most Florentines, if they can, leave the city to escape the heat, particularly on weekends. Not all apartments have air-conditioning so you have to make sure you get one that does. To escape the heat, an apartment in the hills around Florence would actually be a better option because you get out of the valley in which Florence sits in and get breezes higher up.

Aside from the heat, another thing to consider is the car. With a car the city center is practically impossible. You cannot enter without a special permit and I am not sure you can obtain it for just a one month stay but that is something you can ask the apartment owner once you find your accommodation. In any case, that permit is just to enter into the ZTL area, not to park. You'd have to leave your car at one of the parking lots that border the historical center (don't worry, the center is small and all the lots are walking distance from the center) or at a private car garage inside the center.

The best options are:

1. Stay in the center but have no car. That way you save parking and don't have to worry about it. Buses are easy to catch to move around Florence and both buses and trains take you most everywhere else in Tuscany.
If you really want to bring your car along, read our articles on moving around Florence with a car and see the parking lots in the city where you can leave your car (the map does not have private garages on it).
The parking at the Parterre offers a monthly parking pass, valid 24h, for 130 euro (other parking lots such as S. Ambrogio or Beccaria reserve those for residents and area already all bought up) while others don't offer the option at all.

2. Stay outside of the city center at a place that has parking included but close enough to take the train or bus into Florence or to drive into Florence but at that point you just worry about daily parking. For example, you could stay at the Poderino farmhouse which is really close to Florence or at of of the two apartments at Le Sante Marie in Impruneta.

If you want to stay in the heart of the city in the center, I suggest you get in touch with an agency that has a wide selection of apartments under their management and can offer those with the AC and internet and give you both availability and total cost for the month. On this page of apartments in Florence, I recommend you contact Pitcher and Flaccomio, Merry-Go-Round and Art Suites since as agencies they'll give you more options but you should also contact Poderino and see if they have availability.

Let us know if you have any other questions!