Are shops and Offices shut for Easter? Wedding planning for Castello di Vincigliata


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We are planning our wedding in September for Castello di Vincigliata, it looks so beautiful we cant wait to fly in this month and get things planned. The difficulty is we would rather like to come over Easter as i expect Florence to be amazing with the celebrations, the question is what dates do the shops and offices close for Easter is it just the Sunday and Monday or are things shut all week?

We need to meet with caterers, check the churches, florists and most importantly go to the Palazzo Vecchio but after many emails and calling ive failed to speak with them to confirm if they are open or not. Does anyone have any ideas about Easter closing period?

Weve decided not to use a wedding planner at this point as the quotes we were getting from the few we spoke to were far in excess of the quotes we got directly from caterers and musicians etc,


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Expect things to be closed Easter Sunday and Easter Monday and then on April 25th, as it is a national holiday. Everything should be open on all the other days in between. Caterers and florists should all be open as well but of course you should set up appointments so you have their undivided attention for all of the details.

You can do some sightseeing on those other days - check out what is open on Easter Sunday and Monday as far as museums go here:

Happy Easter and good luck with all of the wedding preparations! The castello di Vincigliata is gorgeous!!