Area to staty in Florence


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Very confusing to try to figure out which is the best area to stay in Florence when you want to be able to walk to most of the museums. Will be there for a short 2 days in September 2016 before a bike tour in other parts of Tuscany.


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One of the great things about Florence


one of the really great things about Florence (and really it is just one because there are so many!!)

just about anywhere you stay is within easy walking distance to everything.

However, I suggest you have a look at these places:

Toscanelli - directly in front of the Palazzo Pitti and next to the Ponte Vecchio

Hotel de la Ville - tranquil yet in the city center

These two B&B's also have a great position (and a panoramic terrace)

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise