Around Tuscany and to Cinque terre


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i'm planning a family visit in Tuscany at the end of April this year.
My idea is to visit - Florence for a day, San Gimignano, Lucca, Volterra, Siena, Pisa and at the end Cinque Terre for a day. Would someone suggest any other place to visit.
I was planning 5 days trip, is this enough?
I'm planning to stay in the countryside of Chianti not far from Florence, is this right base?
What about Cinque Terre - I was thinking of getting around with train from La Spezia.

Please, all commentary and suggestions will be of great help.



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my opinion


Your itinerary doesn't look possible in 5 days. Here's a list of minimum time needed to enjoy these places:

Florence 1 day
San Gimignano 1 day
Pisa + Lucca 1 day
Siena 1 day
Volterra 1 day

A 5 Terre trip in 1 day is possible, but you would be spending something like 4 hours just traveling to and from...and then would barely have time to walk around, have lunch and head back.

I would sugest cuting out Volterra if you really can't add more days to your plans.


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Itinerary in Tuscany


you have selected some great areas to visit.

Pisa and Lucca are definitely two stops that you can combine...and if you can make them the last stop (sleep in Pisa/Lucca) before heading over to CT. You can do both and truly enjoy them fully - with a half day each. Personally, I would try to stay in Lucca CITY that night and indulge in the small town atmosphere.

San Gimignano and Volterra are also two day trips you could potentially combine - both are relatively small and close. It is about a 40 min drive and the countryside is awesome.

I would suggest giving Florence 2 days Sleep in Florence,
3rd day travel through Chianti Sleep in Siena,
4th day visit Siena (and a bit of relax) Sleep in Siena,
5th day in S. Gimignano & Volterra Sleep in Volterra
6th day Pisa & Lucca Sleep in Lucca
7th day leave car in Pisa and train it to CT

so if you can add two days I think you will get the most out of your trip.

If you wanted to you could also pick a central location like Montespertoli, and then do day trips to Florence, Chianti, Siena, ecc...but I would still suggest a night in Lucca before heading over to CT.

Buon Viaggio.
Donna Denise