Arriving Easter Monday 25 April/questions


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I am coming to Florence for a few days to get married later in the week.
I am very excited and booked our trip. Of course, I knew Easter is a big holiday but did not realize Easter Monday was too. We arrive in Rome early in the morning 25 April and planned on taking the train from Rome to Florence and am looking for suggestions to try to keep things as simple as possible..keeping in mind we have luggage and I will be carrying my wedding dress:
>do you recommend we take a flight to Florence versus the train to Santa Maria Novella station?
>due to holiday will it be easy to obtain a taxi once we arrive in Florence? or should we ask hotel to arrange for us to get a car?
>restaurants/shops open on Easter Monday?
>Everything back to normal on Tuesday 26 April?
Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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Easter Monday - answers

Hi Janine, welcome to the Forum and congratulations for your upcoming Wedding!

Easter Monday is a feast day in Italy, moreover this year it's celebrated on April 25 and coincides with the Liberation Day, another important Italian festivity. During festivities, generally trains and transportation have particular timetables but you'll not find too many inconveniences.

From Rome to Florence you can easily take a train instead of a flight. You can check train schedules at the official site for Trenitalia

Just outside the Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence you can find and catch a taxi to your hotel. You don't need a car if your hotel is situated in Florence city, but you can consider renting one if it's situated in the surroundings outside of the city.

Some restaurants and shops could be closed on Easter Monday but not all. In Florence's historical center there are so many restaurants that you can be sure find a nice place where to eat. All shops, coffee bars and restaurants will be open punctually from Tuesday the 26.

I hope this is useful!