Arriving in Rome - leaving from Venice - 13 days to have fun?

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Hello from downunder
wifey and I are coming to italy at the start of july - no real plan as yet.
perhaps two nights in Rome ... train to Florence (or bus to Siena) - and wing it from there.
Not worried about getting around in cities - taxi or uber ... will figure it out.
But kind of looking forward to touring tuscany for four or five days or so ... wondering if should do car hire or bus/train combos ...
been slightly put off by some car-driving reviews ... but willing to give it a go if that is the consenses.

Apologies for the vagueness of the question ... and I imagine it is a pretty common type of question ... so sorry for that also.

best wishes

John & Melissa

PS: We were drawn to the forum by Lourdes very cool posts ... would be awesome to have her as a guide!!

PSS: leaning toward hiring at florence airport - driving aimlessly for five days and returning there. Then onward to bologna then venice by train. make sense?
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Florence & Siena


I suggest you have a read of this forum post, where there are a few ideas for Tuscany without a car.

I would suggest basing yourself in Florence - even though Siena is beautiful - it won’t give you as many opportunities to use the public transport to explore Tuscany. Since Florence is a main hub it branches out in all directions and what is not covered with the train is covered by the bus.

However, if you do decide to go to Siena as your base - or maybe divide your holiday half in Florence and half in Siena, have a look at this article which suggests several day trips where you don’t need a car:

Buon Viaggio,
Donna Denise