Art Music and food in Florence this coming week


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Hi everyone,
I'm heading up to Florence for 4 days this coming week (25-29) and I wanted to ask for recommendations for things to do and see in the city. I'm very interested in art and History so I would definitely like to get to see at least 5 or 6 museums, churches and other interesting sites. I also like jazz and Classical music so I wanted to inquire about concerts and preferences that might take place during the time I'me there (where is a good place to check these things out?). I'd also love some recommendations for good Tuscan wine. I'me no expert but I can appreciate a good bottle when I come across one. any recommendations for bottles in the price range of 30 $ per bottle or so. Lastly, if any interesting shops come to mind, the kind that have a special quality to them that distinguishes them from the slandered chains you can find anywhere now, I'd love to hear f that as well.

Thanks a lot! :)