"Artisans in Chianti" tour?


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Apparently this tour no longer exists. This was a bus tour operated with the cooperation of the Florence tourism office. At 15 euro, the price might have been unrealistically low. We would be willing to take a similar tour at a higher price, but not much higher. Do you have any ideas about this?

Thanks -- Steve


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an alternative tour

Ciao Steve,

The tour you mention was offered for about 3 years and it was very successful given the low cost --- it was offered by the Florence Chamber of Commerce as a way to promote the Chianti region and that is why it was cheap. The tour is no longer offered, likely because of cuts in public funding.

So the next best thing with a very similar itinerary that I've been recommending recently is this great wine tasting tour in Chianti. Reviews are really good and it is a great way to taste great Chianti wines without the worry about driving! :)