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His I am sharing this email with fellow tourists so they are aware of the very anti tourist bus drivers in Florence. This was sent to ATAF complaints on the 16th , still have not received any receipt of acknowledgement.

Good day,

I am writing this for two reasons
*1. To thank the florescent bus drivers.
2. To report the inappropriate behaviour of one of your drivers.

I left Florence this moring(a there day trip) after a last minute trip to Italy, which really did not give a chance to learn Italian regrettably.*

When I arrived on Thursday evening the ticket agent was very helpful, and the bus driver a young man was very kind and helped me find my quiet little hotel.

The other drivers were a bit aloft during my trip but still helpful .Yesterday,Saturday 15th *the gentleman who drove the 11:05am bus was very helpful as well. Ku dose to these members of your team.

Today I took the 11:05am bus from Calzaiolo. As I said the bonjourno. *The driver started speaking quick Italian but I could not understand what he was saying. I told him I was sorry I don't understand . He shouted the same thing to me again.*

He aggressively came out of his seat and in front of everyone started to verbally abuse me , saying that I should not come to Italy if I can't speak Italian. *And I I should learn Italian first. He said this in Italian, so that I wouldn't understand but all the Italians on the bus could get a good laugh.*

I do speak spanishave and a bit of French so it was easy to understand what he said.*

He told me to put my carryon in the booth under the bus and showed me where it was roughly. I have never in my life have to open one of these, so I had no ideal how to do it and he had walked off back into the bus and I was not going to ask him with his attitude.

I was about to walk back and tell him forget it is will take a taxi since I could not deal with this rude behavior.He came out the bus again shouting some more and opened the compartment and walked off, no offer to assist but that's OK it's my luggage. I got on the bus and handed himy the money , he asked me in Italian if I was going to Firenze and I said yes. He angrily picked up his paper with the *ratesame and took the 3 euros and gave me a ticket. I know the price is less but I didn't care to ask him anything. I has paid 50€ for a taxi the day before to Calzaiolo so not a big deal.

Maybe it's because I am brown maybe because I was not all dressed up sexy with makeup and was a bit dishevelled from crying before, that he treated me so rudely. Maybe he feels becauae he is a bus driver he can treat people how he likes. I don't know or care. What I know is no one deserves to be treated this way. I have travelled very far from Trinidad and Tobago for a last minute personal matter.I have spent a lot of money in Italy.I did not the come here to be treated this way. I work in a managerial roles at hotels internationally. FRom 5 star to start up. And travelled the world and have never been so disgusted by the behaviour by a service staff. *

Kindly address this matter.*

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it is regrettable that on vacation one comes in touch with unfriendly people - though I believe your experience showed that there were more friendly people than not - and that is already a good start. :eek:

Just a quick note, I don't know of the ATAF buses with separate luggage compartments, it is probable that you were using one of the province buses (Tiemme, Sita, ecc.) ATAF are normally city buses that may make provisions for a bike rack on the front of the bus, but use all their space for standing and sitting on the bus.

This may explain why you have not received a response, if you sent your comments to ATAF - they might have recognised that this was not their bus and declined to respond. Do you still have your ticket?