Barberino di Mugello bytrain


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I am going to Lucca in 2 days and would like to find a way to go to Barberino di Mugello by train directly from Lucca.
Are the train stations named Borgo San Lorenzo or San Piero a Sieve?
There are trains from Lucca to these places but they all arrive round noon and I would like to arrive earlier, possibly round 10:30am.
Going through Prato or Pistoia would still mean arriving at destination round noon. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated



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Sorry I had not seen this earlier but hope you were able to make your way without problems.
If it might still be useful, the answer is that it isn't possible to go from Lucca to Barberino in Mugello by train at all. There is no train station in Barberino and the two closest stations/towns are those two you mention, San Piero a Sieve and Borgo San Lorenzo (San Piero is closer). The easiest way to get to either of these two is to depart from Florence, so I'd recommend you get an early train from Lucca to Florence and then on San Piero a Sieve from where you can catch a bus. There are trains every hour in the morning, you can get to San Piero by 10.15 if you leave Florence at 9.40am. You can see the bus lines and schedules from San Piero a Sieve here: and train schedules on