Base accomodation whilst visiting Tuscany


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We would like to visit Tuscany in September for 5 nights. I am finding difficulty to choose a base city/accomodation where to stay and take day trips because I do not know which one would be best location to visit the places we want to see.

Our main visits would be to Firenze, Pisa and cinque terre for sure. But we will also visit other small villages if we have time.

We would prefer to find an accomodation which is in the countryside rather than in a busy place, of course it has to be in a good location to reach the above mentioned places.

And what other small villages would be worth visiting?

What do you suggest please?



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where to stay


Anything around Lucca and Pisa would be comfortable for making trips to all of your suggested locations - and actually in within Lucca .... which is a much calmer town than for example Florence. That way you could avoid renting a car and just use public transport to get around.

However, if you were looking to stay in the countryside - I would check out the Montespertoli area which will keep you close enough to the cities to do day trips there and also a good place for exploring the small towns and a bit of Chianti nearby.

Buon Viaggio,

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Some ideas


If you are looking for a place in the countryside I can suggest the Chianti region (check out Volpaia and Radda) or the pure nature surrounding Villa Ciggiano as a great accommodation if you look for a luxury experience in Tuscany).

May be you could choose for spend your vacation sleeping in Pistoia or Volterra, two nice base city. In Pistoia there are many cozy B&B, in downtown and in the countryside. Another place could be Colle di Buggiano a romantic village near Montecatini Terme.
Hope you enjoy Tuscany!