Base in Tuscany for hiking, biking, swimming, other day trips


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My husband and I are planning a 5-6 day honeymoon in Tuscany this summer.
We want to base ourselves in 1 place - but somewhere with good options for day trips and other activities (biking, hiking, wine tasting, exploring small towns). We think we prefer the countryside to staying in a bigger city, and want some privacy and a pool. We are both active people and prefer an active holiday, but I am not sure what is a good area for us to use as a base.

Any suggestions for which area would make a good base - and in which we should look for accommodations?

Accommodation in Tuscany

I definitely recommend Bagni di Lucca, it's located 1 hour from Pisa and half an hour from Lucca. It's a beautiful and charming spa town. They have a few agriturismi that would be perfect for your stay and lots of activities available in the town from horse-riding, quad biking, hiking, rafting and swimming in the river. It's stunning, can't recommend it enough!


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Looking for a base


There truly are so many places you can choose from which will fit the bill perfectly. I spent several years living in Casentino (towns like Poppi, Pratovecchio and Bibbiena), a beautiful valley southeast of Florence and directly north of Arezzo. With a large national park at your doorstep, the opportunities for hiking, biking, peace & quiet are practically unlimited. In addition, there are several small hamlets, castles and pieves (parish churches from the year 1000-1200) to explore. The area still counts most of it's economic base on the locals so restaurants and such are very traditional, they have good prices and are delicious.

Going to either the north, south or west of the valley you will find extensive vineyards and wine tasting opportunities. Only an hour from Florence and Arezzo, you will find easy access to art, monuments and history.

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