Base Location and Accommodation Advice (Travel with baby)


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Hello, I hope someone can help us out as it's our first trip to Tuscany and also first time travelling with a 5-month-old baby :)

We plan to visit Tuscany by car (driving from Germany) and stay for two weeks.
Besides visiting Pisa, Florence, Siena, we would also love to explore small towns in Tuscany.

We hope to find a nice base location which is:
1) Max. 1-1.5h drive to other towns
2) not too remote; easy to do grocery (for example, we can get some bakery in the morning in walking distance)
3) apartment style or with kitchen
4) entertaining enough so we can stay for few days without getting out of the town

We would like to have some advice on the accommodation and also understand how many base locations we should have, for example, maybe one week staying somewhere closer to east and one week to west?

Thanks a lot in advance! :eek:


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two base locations


I would say more than east or west, it is a question of north and south. Maybe looking at Montespertoli or close to Florence and then another choice down in Val d’Orcia or the Creti Sense. Not only with this give you an idea of the variety in Tuscany but also move you so that you can max your time for visiting. Here are a few of my favorites close to Florence, which are also suitable with a small child - both of which I have seen first hand:

Towards the south have a look at:

Buon Viaggio,
Donna Denise