Best (and safest) place to pick up car in Florence


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Hi - we are starting to plan a vacation to Italy for May, 2016. We are going to be staying in Greve for a week and will need a car to explore Tuscany. After reading the horror stories of driving in Florence we were thinking of traveling from Milan to Siena and renting our car there, but the extra time on the train and backtracking from Siena to Greve just doesn't make sense. So we are planning to grit our teeth and pick up the car in Florence. Which location would allow us to avoid the majority of city driving?

This is my first post (I think) and I'm sure I'll have many more over this next 9 months. Thank you so much in advance - so grateful for this forum!



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Driving in Florence


if you are really nervous about picking up a car in the city center of Florence you can always opt to get it at the airport - which will give you a direct shot to the main highway which takes you easily to the road that goes to Siena.

However, with a smart phone and Google maps .... there is no need to be nervous about driving in Florence (they are just as afraid of you as you are of them !! :-D)

Happy and safe travels.