Best base for a 7 day stay in Tuscany


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Myself and my husband are planning our first trip to Tuscany at the end of April and desperately need some pointers about where best to stay. We have settled on the idea of staying a few days in Florence and were thinking to then move to somewhere in the Chianti region towards Siena and hire a car. We want to stay in a nice town where we can go out for a drink and something to eat in the evening (so not a farm house in the countryside) but we have no idea which town would be best? Any ideas would be very much appreciated. Thanks


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The Best Place to Stay

Buongiorno -

this is perhaps one of the most "frequently asked questions" that gets published on the forum: where is the best place to stay? And it is so not an easy question to answer - because well, I would say you need to see everything and weeks and weeks to visit Tuscany :cool:

But I do realize that it is (normally) not possible to put down roots as I did in Tuscany and then spend the rest of your life as a tourist :D

Basically, there is a type of area for every type of traveler: the wine-lover, the artsy person, the history buff, the foodie, the athletic type or the relax on the beach and get lots of sun type. So our first suggetions is to really consider what you want to get out of this vacation: visit as many museums as possible, hit the vineyards, go hiking or the looking for the small town atmosphere. Then read through these few articles which can give you a bit of direction:

Buon Viaggio!!

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