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I am trying to plan a weekend in Tuscany, there will be 4 of us and we are trying to stay in a central location to have access to inexpensive transportation like the train. We plan on arriving on a friday evening and staying to or possibly through Sunday. From what I've heard the taxis are very expensive so I've been told to stay closest to a train. We are wanting to explore Tuscany for vineyards, maybe an olive tasting experience, cooking class or just a couple nice day trips. Suggestions very welcomed.

So essentially I am asking where would be a good place to stay, whether bed and breakfast, hotel, or something of the like. With the best transportation access.

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If you are only staying for two nights (Friday night and Saturday night) you are best concentrating on staying in the city of arrival - which I imagine will be either Florence or Pisa?

Depending on how late you are on Friday, you can enjoy a twilight tour and dinner in the city.

There are several days trips into the Tuscan countryside which combines locations with wine, and you may want to dedicate Saturday to one of these tours. From Florence check out:

and if in Pisa you could check out this tour:

On Sunday morning you could enjoy the city in the day, maybe a museum? If you stay the full day on Sunday then you could plan a cooking lesson (instead of a restaurant for lunch or dinner).

As per accommodations, I would suggest any place near the city center. Florence is relatively small and you can walk easily to most places. I can't imagine you will have a lot of luggage for a weekend trip ;-) Here is a list of places that we can recommend near the city center:

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In addition to suggestions provided by Donna, I'd highlight that if you're interested in exploring wine country without a car, train access is limited and you don't want to wait around for buses. In that case, the best solution to get into Chianti for wine tastings/winery visits is to join a guided tour - you choose whether it is private, small group or large group.

Take a look at the MANY options offered through Viator (disclosure: this is our affiliate link):