Best picnic places in Chianti


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For a great (Fiat-500) roadtrip I’m looking for the best picnic places in the Chianti region (starting in Castellina in Chianti). I’ve heared that you can just picnic everywehere, but any reccomendations are welcome! Panorcamic views, winefield views, picnic benches; I’d very much like to recieve some pictures if anyone has any!


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Yes, most of the villages have parks where you'll find benches and can enjoy your own picnic. If you're picnicking, you can also just walk out of the towns in wine country and down the gravel roads among the vineyards until you find a nice place to sit down and enjoy a picnic, remembering however that most are private property and not open for people to walk through.

Nonetheless, I particularly recall Badia a Passignano - seeing it is quite small, there is a small garden on one end as well as a picnic bench along the main road on the other near the cemetery where the view is of all the vineyards that surround the town. Really beautiful.
We've also picnicked (happens when you enjoy hiking ;-) ) near Montefioralle, in Volpaia and Radda - all great spots.
I completely agree with previous author about Montefioralle. A lovely spot! I and my friend had some picnic there, enjoying pictureque sights