Best place in Tuscany to view sunflowers the first week in August?


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Hello all,

I will be traveling through the Tuscany area from July 30-Aug 2 with my significant other, and would love to see sunflower fields, if at all possible -- they're my girlfriend's favorite! I understand it's a little late in the season, and I would appreciate any advice on where I have the best chance of finding fields still in bloom. My original plan was to stay somewhere near Buonconvento. Should I plan to stay farther north instead? I am also looking at places near Borgo San Lorenzo, and there are lots of locations in between.

We will have a car, though it would be nice to have options nearby rather than driving around the entire time.

All recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help!
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I just did a road trip this weekend over towards Livorno on the SCG FI-PI-LI (the main non-toll road that connects Florence, Pisa and Livorno) and I noted that be between the exit Lavoria and Vicarello they had planted several fields of sunflowers. I am not sure when they will be ready for viewing, but they are still pretty small when I drove by.

Mugello is also another great area to be looking for sunflowers, check out this article for more info:

Buon Viaggio,
Donna Denise