Best place to rent a car from Livorno Port and best route to Wine Country


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Hello Lourdes,

I've been looking at different rental places and I reserved a car through Hertz, but they said it's not guaranteed. We will be in Livorno Port on Sept. 14 from 7:15am-6:30pm. What is the best route to go to Val D'Orcia and that region for photography. I'd like to avoid Florence. Can I go south on E80 and cross over to SP14?

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.



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sounds like you are coming in on a cruise? Just an FYI, you can't always count on being the first off the boat so your start time maybe a little later...which means a more than two hour drive down to Val d'Orica and a repeat drive back whic will really eat into your time schedule.

I would offer two alternatives, one is look into getting a NCC (a driver with a car) give him your itinerary and let him get you around to the best places and let him worry about the travel time and hassle so you can really enjoy the photo opportunities. The second suggestion is perhaps take the road trip "Livorno - Volterra - San Gimignano - Montaione - Livorno" - total road time is approximately 3 hours and there are lots of great photos opportunities in this countryside. Traffic is limited and roads are in excellent condition.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise


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As Donna has suggested, I would stay closer to Livorno considering the limited time you have --- and renting a car is never as fast as you'd like to be when you pick up!
With 11 hours on land, spending 5 hours on the road would really eat up a large chunk, not taking into account the rental time, a meal at least along the way...

The area between Pisa and Volterra, around San Gimignano is very photo-worthy as well!

If you want to drive to have maximum flexibility, I would suggest a circle that takes you to San Gimignano and Volterra, passing either through Lajatico or San Miniato on the way there.

Otherwise, you can consider a guided tour to forget about driving - take a look at the many options from Livorno here:

Another possibility is to stay along the coast, and go down from Livorno along the Etruscan Coast, exploring the Etruscan sites:


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Thank you

Thank you for the feedback. Is there a driver I can get for the same amount as a full day rental? I've looked into several and they all want over 400£ for two people. I've also tried to organize a group but most want to do Florence or Pisa.


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Your best bet is to look into private drivers based out of Livorno -- that way you don't have someone who has to drive out of area to first get to you and at the end of the day is back home already.

Here's two I found looking on google for "ncc livorno" - the ncc is what licensed private drivers are called in italy:

Contact both to ask for estimates and see what your options are.