Best Restaurants in Florence


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On august 28 im am going to Florence for 3-4 days with my Mother, i'd appreciate it if i could be given a list of nice restaurants to eat at, and cafe's .
I have also booked events to go to but please could i be suggested other events in tuscany, preferably non pre- book
Thanks you, please leave a reply or email

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We enjoyed La Giostra. That place is so comfortable and we could have a relax time. And I inform you the new fantastic place near the station S.M.Novella. We entered by chance because of the rain, but that place is the oasis in the center of the Florence!!!!!!!! The meal is marvelous and service is so kind and we had a one of the best dinner in Florence!


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Re: Best Restaurants in Florence

Last time when i visit florence, we went to iO osteria personale. Its really beautiful and love everything in this restaurant. Fantastic food, great ambiance and service. It is innovative but not too overly done. I must say that It's the best meal we had in our entire trip of Italy!


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thank you!

Thank you for sharing your impressions of io osteria personale, I've heard of it but haven't made it yet, it sounds lovely and will definitely try to go there soon! :D
some of the best restaurants in Florence

Because I am italian and I love tuscan food I want to give you some advices about restaurants in Firenze. Among the big names are La Giostra, Acqua al 2, Via Vai, Il Latini, Garga, I 13 Gobbi, Il Gatto e La Volpe, Osteria Anita, Antico Noe'. Garga is maybe the most expensive, it is located near by Piazza Santa Maria Novella. La Giostra and Il Gatto e la Volpe are the most popular among the study abroad students community. Il Gatto is right off the Bargello. Antico Noe' is right by Arco di San Pierino and it is well known for serving sandwiches in the daytime. Osteria Anita is definitely the less pricey. Via Vai is located on the other side of the Arno river, Oltrarno, close to Porta San Frediano and it is maybe the less turisty. At Il Latini they have maybe the best "fiorentina steak". This is only a short list of what Firenze has to offer. I'm sure that others will be happy to share their own contribute!
CIAO!!! And have fun in our beautiful city!


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hello!!!! my name is Popy and I am from Greece! I love italy especially Toscane and everything that has to do with this amazing city.. At the end of the month I am coming in Florence for third time with some friends and we would like to taste traditional good food in Florence.. The only problem is that we are students so our budget is low..Are there any suggestions? Furthermore,we would like to rent bikes ? You think it would be practical? thanks you very much!!
tantissimi saluti da Grecia!!!


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Hello Popy!

Above, in this post you can certainly read some good advices on dining out in Florence. Personally, I would suggest you to consider these restaurants:

Il Latini - it serves typical tuscan food at good prices and is generally appreciated by locals and tourists. It's centrally located.

Trattoria i 4 Leoni - typical atmosphere and food, great value for money. Is located in one of the most characteristic districts of the city. You can read a nice review here.

Fiaschetteria Nuvoli - located nearby the Baptistery, is perfect for a quick lunch. Here you can taste good traditional dishes at very good prices.

Last but not least, I recommend you a place I love, where you can taste a superb pizza (it's not a tuscan dish but delicious :)): Il Pizzaioulo. This pizzeria is located about 15min walking from the Duomo and is always quite busy (the reservation is recommended) but it serves super-pizzas in napolitan style. You can read other details and contacts here.

Enjoy Florence on your holiday!


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thanks you very much for your help Christina! it's the second time i am visiting Florence and I'm sure I'll have a wonderful time in this wonderful city!! thank you very much!!! :D