Best spots to find Siena's famous medieval charm/ambiance?

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Hoping folks might have suggestions for the best spots in Siena to experience the medieval charm the city is noted for. Once we've seen the Piazza del Campo, are there other special neighborhoods or streets or piazzas that we should be sure to check out?



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Siena is small enough that once you're there, you just need to take any of the small alleyways away from Piazza del Campo to be drawn back to the Middle Ages. You should visit the area behind Palazzo Pubblico, then head to the cathedral and to the Baptistery, then on to the church of San Domenico where you'll also find St. Catherine's remains. The walk to San Domenico and the view of the Duomo from there are really beautiful!

You should also take Via dei Banchi di Sopra to reach the piazza where the Monte Paschi di Siena have their palace, that is a beautiful work of architecture.

In Piazza del Campo, stop by the tourism office to pick up a map - then just roam around, you'll see you'll fall in love with the town ;-)