Best times of day for shortest lines at Uffizi?


I'm hoping you might have some suggestions for best times of the day and best days of the week to avoid crowds at the Uffizi.

We plan to go to the Uffizi on a Tuesday in mid-March. (I suspect Tuesdays are actually not a good choice, but I will be curious to hear your thoughts.)

We have Amici degli Uffizi cards.

If we do in fact go on a Tuesday, is it best to try to get there when Uffizi opens at 8:15? (Or perhaps it is best to get there sometime even before it actually opens?)

Or is it typically better to wait until later in the day -- perhaps after lunchtime?

If we don't go first thing, we could go instead at 1 or 2 or 3...

Is it possible to make an educated guess about the best times? Or do the crowds not tend to vary that much from hour to hour on any given day? Or perhaps, the truth is that the queues occur in completely random ways that make it impossible to predict best times??

I would be appreciative of any advice you may have for us. :)



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Get there about 30 minutes before the door opens. That's what I did, even with the Firenzi card.
I did the same at Accademia and climbing the dome.


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Ciao American Tourist and welcome to the forum!

Tuesday is the worst day of the week, because Monday is the day the Uffizi is closed so many show up on Tuesday... not sure if numbers double, but it is quite full.

If you like to go to museums in the morning, then you should try to be there before opening time, as Melany suggests.... but if you're flexible, I've gone by and seen short lines around lunchtime and in late afternoon (around4ish). So your times of 1-3pm might all be fine as well.

If you came in the summer, there is a line almost all the time so this doesn't apply for then (for anyone else reading this thread and coming in summer).

Thanks for sharing your wisdom about my question, Melany and Lourdes. The super early start and the almost-double crowds on Uffizi Tuesdays have made us re-think our plans.

We were planning on Uffizi super early on a Tuesday and then Accademia mid to late afternoon Wednesday.

Now, we're thinking of switching the two days so that we do Accademia on Tuesday afternoon and Uffizi on Wednesday morning.

Does this sound like a good plan? Or is Accademia likely to be excessively crowded on a Tuesday too?

We are thinking, though, that perhaps Academia is never quite as crowded as Uffizi. ??



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The Accademia is a much smaller museum, and is also closed on Mondays. But flow through the museum is faster since it is smaller and many just focus on the David and not much else, so a Tuesday afternoon visit sounds good. Uffizi on Wednesday also sounds good.