Best use of time with 4 Days in Tuscany


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My daughter and I will be traveling in Italy in Mid-March. We will be traveling to Tuscany/Florence area from Rome and departing via train to Venice. We will have almost 4 full days, Sat (arriving from Rome), Sun, Mon, Tues, leaving Wed morning for Venice. I have been to Florence and have been trying to decide if we should make Florence or home base or if there are any other great towns to make a home base. Since I have been to Florence before I was thinking of spending a day, two at the most actually in the city of Florence and taking day trips the other two days. I know some of this is personal preference but what towns/cities do you recommend seeing in those two days. And which are the easiest to get to from Florence if we are not renting a car or taking a tour. Or do we really need to take a tour since we will not have a car. We would love to see a winery and love the smaller historic towns and landscapes. I have briefly been to Siena, San Gimignano, and Pisa on a day tour from Florence. I would be ok with going to back to Siena but do not want to go back to Pisa as there are other places I would rather see. Sorry for all the questions I am trying to make the most of our short time in Tuscany. I really appreciate any help! Thank you so much!


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Florence is a good base if you're not going to have your own means of transport.

I would highly recommend a tour only for a wine tour/tasting so that you can go into Chianti and visit wineries and do tastings without worrying about how to move around.

On the other day, I would suggest a day trip back to Siena: how much did you really get to see last time?
I would recommend a visit to the inside of the Duomo as well as to the inside of the Palazzo Pubblico, as a minimum.
Here's other ideas for a day in Siena:

If you prefer to explore a new place, then a train ride gets you easily to Arezzo. Take a look at this day itinerary in Arezzo for ideas:

Enjoy whatever you do, it is better to not try to plan too much in those two days and enjoy each place as much as possible.