Best way to see Tuscany


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We are landing in Pisa on May 23, 2019. We plan to stay in Pisa for a day and then go to Viareggio and spend the night. The next day we plan to go to Lucca and overnight there. Then on to Florence for 2 days and then back to Pisa where we have a flight to London. We do not have a car so we will be relying on trains and buses.

I am wondering if this is a good route or if it would be better to take a train to Florence after a day in Pisa, and then do day trips from Florence to these places that I mentioned.

Any suggestions as to public transportation and better routes would be appreciated.



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Travelling by public transport


Those destinations are well connected by public transport so you shouldn't have any problem. You will need to check the schedules in each place so you choose the fast type of travel and the most direct. There are several ways to get to Lucca from Viareggio - but the fastest is a train (final destination Firenze/Florence).

You could go to Florence and then do day trips, but in my opinion, it would mean adding extra travel time, the way you have programmed it cuts down on your travel time and maximizes your fun time in each destination.

If you are interested in doing any of the museums or the tower in Florence and Pisa be sure to book in advance!

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