Best way to spend cruise port day in Livorno for group of 15?


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My very first post in this forum!

We are a family of 15 ranging in age from 10-80 years old, with it being the first time in Italy for most of us at the end of August 2019 as part of a cruise. We would like to book a private van to see the sights in a relaxed way because of the HEAT in August, for the comfort of the kids and the elderly and also because my father-in-law requires a cane and/or walker to get around. We will have the day in port at Livorno and wondered what people would suggest as an itinerary that is not too jam packed. I was thinking we would go to either Pisa or Florence but not both. Which to choose?

Also any recommendations for where to book the private van would be greatly appreciated.



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I am assuming when you say rent a van, you are speaking of a driver with a 15 seater (or two drivers each with an 8 seater).

Otherwise, if you are thinking about renting the vans yourself and driving on your own, my experience is you really won't have the quality time to enjoy anything - especially because you will be super conscious of getting around so as not to miss the ship departure.

Both Lucca and Pisa are close by and very easily accessible and walkable.

And read this for a few more ideas:

if you need help contacting a driver, you can reach out to these guys (they speak English and you can get them on WhatsApp) for prices:

Simone (the guy from the last link)+393347053211
Beppe +393921400056

I have worked with both of them for friends and family - and they always got rave reviews.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise


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15 person group in Livorno -port day

Hi Donna,
Thank you for your help. Yes, I should have specified that I meant a private van with driver. We do not want to worry about navigating the streets and finding parking! That would be an adventure for when we are spending more time in the area.

As we will also have ports of call in Citavechhia and Naples, we would definitely be interested in any other recommendations for private van/driver services. Do the ones that you recommend also do tours from the other ports?



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Pisa and Lucca itinerary for 15 persons

The Pisa and Lucca itinerary sounds lovely. :eek: Just a question...not many itineraries here or elsewhere suggest walking around Pisa. Is the Piazza dei Miracoli the only area worth seeing in Pisa? No strolls along the river Arno? Or is there more Tuscan flavour in Lucca and better to spend more time there? Just wondering how best to spend our limited time.



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As regards Pisa: most only visit the Piazza dei Miracoli because they have limited time, if you have at least 3 hours, I suggest to do this walking tour that we did last summer -
and then also visit the Piazza dei Miracoli.
Of course, you could also do the climb up the leaning tower and visit the cathedral and duomo and that in itself will take some of your time in Pisa away, so depends on how much time you have.

As far as private drivers, you can find some private drivers and vans also through Viator here (affiliate link):
Just so you have more options to check out rates, in addition to those Donna mentioned above.

For the best prices, you'll need to search for private drivers in Rome and Naples -- the ones Donna mentioned are local drivers, you'll want someone local in those ports to get better rates for their services.