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We are coming over to Italy ( Northern Tuscany ) in May to watch the Giro D'Italia and we need to hire some road bikes. I am not sure how many bikes we will need, at the moment we will need 4 or may be 5 bikes for a week, and 1 bike for 2 days, the bikes need to be of a certain standard, at least ,ultegra 9/10 speed groupset, and carbon or aluminum frames and carbon forks, with bottle holders, we will be staying in Gravagna Montale ( near Pontremoli ). The dates are from 12th till 19th. I am looking for a place who can supply us with the bikes, and ideally deliver them or if it's not too far we can come and pick them up.

Can anybody help ?

Thanks !


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Rental bikes near Pontremoli

Dear philg,

It sounds like a great trip. Even though I don't personally like biking, but my husband loves it and we watch the Giro d'Italia every year :D.

On the Massa-Carrara Tourist Board Office's website (APT Massa-Carrara) there is a list of all bike rental shops in the area. Unfortunately I'm not able to tell you if these shops rent the bikes you are looking for. I found out that the shop "Cicli Maggi" in Massa might rent professional bikes, but not sure.

I strongly recommend you contact the shops directly and talk to them. You can also email the APT Massa-Carrara and ask them for more suggestions.

I hope my suggestions are helpful :D - don't hesitate to ask if you have further questions!


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Hi Valentina,

Thank you very much for that information . I will following it up in the new year



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not sure, but try

I don't personally know them, but I'm sure they deal bikes in Pontremoli:
El Nino Cicli Di Ambrosini Fabrizio
54027 Pontremoli (MS)
tel: 0187 830457

Let me know if they don't speak english....


Bike Hire in Pontemoli

Do you know if the shop as a website or a email address. We are planning to come this year to watch some of the giro, and some people wish to hire bikes:)


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Ciao Phil,

It seems the shop in Potremoli does not have a website, you'd certainly have to try calling the number. A shop a bit further south of Pontremoli that does have a website is called Due Ruote and is in Villafranca Lunigiana (less than 20 minutes drive south). The page I linked on the site says it rents mountain bikes but I am sure if you contact them they might be able to give you information on road bikes as well since they do sell them (called "bici da corsa" in Italian).
Both these shops are listed on that APT page Valentina had linked to above and are just listed as offering "bikes for rent". The only other bike rental shop listed on that page in the immediate area (the others are in Massa) would be in Aulla, the Bi. Ciclo on Via Cerri,71/73, Tel. +39 0187 408020.
Are you staying at a vacation rental in Gravagna Montale where they might be able to help you call and arrange for the bike rentals? If for some reason the 3 closest to your location don't work out, then consider looking into places near La Spezia or even towards Parma (you are so close to the border of the region that it is almost closer than heading down to Massa) such as these: or (both in Sarzana)


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Ciao All,

Thank you for all the information about where we can hire bikes from for our trip out in May. I think we are all sorted, some people are bringing their own bikes with them and the rest are going to hire form the shop in Pontremoli

Grazzie !