Bike rental in Castellina?


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Does anyone know if there is a bike rental in Castellina?
We arrived with train from Pisa to Castellina, and like to travel around on bikes:)


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Castellina Scalo?

Ciao 4wine,

If you're arriving by train from Pisa to Castellina, then you mean "Castellina Scalo" and not Castellina in Chianti which is about 12 km northwest. Which is your ultimate destination when you arrive in the area?

There is a bike rental in Castellina Scalo but not on in Castellina in Chianti.
Here is the adress:
Furgoncin C. di Rinaldi Remo
Via Cassia Nord, 33 Castellina Scalo - Monteriggioni
Tel. +39 0577 305015 - Fax 0577 305036

Just so you know, there are two bike rentals in Poggibonsi in case that turns out more convenient to where you are going.

Ciclofficina di Bettini
Via Redipuglia, 17/19 - Poggibonsi
Tel. e Fax +39 0577 936881

Ciclosport di Porciatti
Via Trento, 82 - Poggibonsi
Tel. +39 0577 938507 - Fax 0577 996732

Hope this info is useful, do let me know if you have any other questions.


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We are going to Chianti, and we thought the train went to Castellina in Chianti ... Thanks for the information!!:)
How is the easiest way to travel from Pisa / Florence to the Chianti - Greve is probably nearest?
Do you know if there is a bike rental in Greve?


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Bike rental in Greve in Chianti

Dear 4wine,

From Pisa you can take the train to Florence and then SITA Bus 365 to Greve in Chianti, that is the nearest city to Florence.

In Greve there is the bike shop Ramuzzi, where you can rent the bikes.
Otherwise you can even rent bikes in Florence. Have you thought about this option? You can bike from Florence to the Chianti region directly and it can be a nice journey. I suggest you read this article about bike itineraries in Chianti, from Florence to Siena. Near Florence train station there is the bike rental Florencebybike.

Another idea is taking a bike tour in Chianti. I recommend IBikeTuscany that organizes bike tours in Tuscany, both single and multi days trips. The company provides you with everything you'll need for cycling:bikes, helmets and comes picking you up to your accommodation.

Well, I hope my suggestions will help you planning your holidays Chianti :D