Bike trail from Pisa center to Ligurian coast


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My question is: what is the best way to go by bikes from Pisa center to Ligurian sea-side to have some relax on the beach? First we plan to visit the Tower and from here we want to move further, maybe also visit Palazzo Reale and go from here to the coast. Is there any park surrounding the Pallazzo?
We are looking for some nice trails through parks or other green-zones.

I'll be very grateful for all recommendations! :)



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Ciao Kinga,
I did something like that with a friend,
more than 10 years ago, in the first days of a warm october.
We left from Florence, spent some time in Pisa, then proceeded to Viareggio and then la Spezia,
stopping several times at the beach.
We did that in 3 days (including coming back to Florence), sleeping two nights in a camping near Torre del lago. We always followed the main roads along the coast, so I cannot suggest any internal trail, sorry.
But I do rembember that despite some car traffic and we enjoied the long ride along the beach.
have fun ! :)